“Our Earth is in trouble” – Before the Flood

This is a very inspiring and a simple documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio with scientific facts, pictures and videos of the effects of global warming. In the movie Leo and his team presented shocking information and educated people’s opinion on the matter.

He interviewed many scientists, activists, and politicians around the world by showing them how global warming has affected many people’s life.

It demonstrates the cruel realities of global warming while at a similar point offer hope, demonstrating to us that we can roll out an improvement and even stop and turn around the impacts.

What was most shocking for me?

In this documentary Leo highlights, consumption of meat as a big environmental hazard facing the Earth. Find out how consumption of meat contribute to global warming. Click here. Of all that, according to Gidon Eshal, Ph.d consumption of beef is one of the most inefficiently used resource on Earth right now.

The problem here is the COW!

Apparently, cow produces methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. When cow eat its food and while chewing it release a large number of methane out to the atmosphere by its mouth. Methane has a great amount of Carbondioxide (CO2) in it. Every molecule of methane is equal to 23 molecule of CO2. The main cause of global warming is the excessive release of CO2 to the atmosphere.

There is a lot more surprising things that you would find in this documentary. I highly recommend you to watch it.

Global warming is real!


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